How to Deal with Failing Employee Performance

How to Deal with Failing Employee Performance

Before you set out to help improve underperformers, you must monitor how they handle their tasks. Analyze how much hand-holding they need to improve their productivity. You can then point out the activities hindering better employee performance. In this article at IT Managers Inbox, Sam Grier shares how you can deal with failing employee performance.

Boost Employee Performance

Instead of sending reviews, why not ask team members the steps they take to complete their tasks? Notify them where they are going off track. Some people do not like criticism. So, ensure that your tone does not sound demeaning or irritated. Once you have noted all the improvement areas, use the following to boost employee performance:

Clarify Problem Areas

Clearly communicate exactly what you want them to change. It might be that they have trouble communicating. Have an in-person meeting or a virtual one-on-one to explain what they need to improve. Follow up with an email to further confirm the improvement areas.

Uncover any Underlying Reasons

It might be that they are trying hard but do not have the same level of understanding of the subject matter as you do. Identify the problem areas once you allow them to explain what roadblocks they are facing.

Let Them Provide Solutions

You have come across the same issues and have learned to solve them over time. Similarly, they also must become problem-solvers and have more faith in themselves. Sometimes, they have the solution but fear failure or rejection. Give them the space to come up with their individual tactics.

Course-Correct If Wrong

Are their solutions not feasible? Explain to them the reason why. They might start understanding your train of thought and leverage it for future problem-solving. Ask them to elaborate so that they can clearly understand if it is the ideal approach.

Create a Commitment

You cannot give them several years to improve themselves. So, set a plan to measure progress in employee performance. Let the employee decide the improvement areas so that both the parties are transparent about the negotiation.

Have Deadlines

Set it up like a task and have a deadline which the employee must come up to speed with the rest of the team. Schedule a check-point call to discuss the employee performance after the time frame.

Keep Monitoring

Even if the employees have recovered their pace, do not let them be complacent. Keep monitoring their progress because there is a chance that underperformers will decline again.

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