Is There a Renewed Hope to Attain Top IT Goals?

Is There a Renewed Hope to Attain Top IT Goals?

IT has gone through a sea change since the pandemic. More companies are rushing to accomplish their long-forgotten top IT goals. There are ten key issues per The Hackett Group’s CIO Agenda report, and all of them are priorities. In this article at InformationWeek, Jessica Davis shares how companies are again emphasizing their top IT goals.

What Are the Top IT Goals?

The top goals are primarily based on four categories—people, risk, cost, and digital acceleration. What organizations delayed in the past year have moved straight to the top of the priority list. Let’s find out the top IT goals since the pandemic dominated the entire world:


IT Research senior director Richard Pastore insists that security is one of the top IT goals for companies. “We can’t do anything if we don’t make sure we have the security in place for mounting threats,” he explains.

IT-Business Partnership

IT Executive Advisory program director Christopher Key perceives that organizations will want IT to be involved in the business’s strategic decision-making. Though this has been an IT priority for years, the pandemic accelerated and mandated the move for 63 percent of the report respondents.

Aligned Skills

The outbreak has forced organizations to consent to remote work models. This allowed CIOs to hire global talent irrespective of their geographical location. Additionally, 73 percent of the companies want automation to lower manual needs.

Customers and Digitization

Customer satisfaction and digital transformation came fourth and fifth in the list of top IT goals. The majority of the organizations want to move to cloud-based platforms for flexibility and remote work enablement. A 25 percent growth is expected in this sector.

The Last 5

The last top IT goals include cost-efficacy, enhanced flexibility, application platform modernization, resource optimization, and reduction of technical complications.

While businesses will be busy achieving the top IT goals most of the year, 41 percent of the participants believe in achieving stability by the second quarter of 2021.

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