Is Your Software Request Process Appropriate?

The software request process (SRP) is a measurement of your employees’ ability to outperform. It can severely impact the IT department’s performance if company software quality is not up to the mark. In this article at ITSM.tools, Kylie Fowler shares a survey analysis on the quality of the software request process. The rules and constraints around software requests are twofold. Therefore, project teams often find it challenging to implement. However, with the support of ITAM teams, such decisions of software deployment become automated and effortless.

Survey Results

The survey result suggests that only 39 percent of companies believe their software request process is good. However, 61 of the respondents confirm that their approach is vulnerable and sluggish. Only 35 percent of respondents consider the service provided to project managers as excellent, while 65 percent rank it ineffective.

Top-Quality Traits

A top-quality product satisfies employees’ requirements. Your service desk can automatically check and verify its license to limit routing via the SAM team. Thus, the SAM team can contribute to other programs and projects to prove they are appropriately licensed. Remarkably, high-performing processes involve activities that can reduce bottlenecks. They can give an instant demonstration to your employees on how to select the right software. The purchase request for the software is transmitted via the SAM or ITAM team.

Supplementary Aid

ITAM and ITSM teams support an effective IT and business process. Successful organizations manage to create a high-performing process by integrating a licensing check into the project management process. ITAM teams can also review projects to find any licensing gap and withdraw necessary support. They make sure the licensing is appropriately managed while the project is progressing.

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