Key Components of the Privileged Access Management

In an ever-complex IT environment, companies must keep track of who is accessing their system, when, where, and why. That is where the privileged access management (PAM) solution comes into play. In this article at Gartner, Robert Snow explains the pillars of a mature PAM solution. It enables SRM and IAM leaders to take the lead and focus on their people rather than process.

Foundation of Information

According to Gartner’s senior director analyst Michael Kelley, the perfect PAM practice can do your information security process’s groundwork. Thus, enterprises can accomplish their privileged access management goals. These four PAM pillars determine how to decrease malicious attacks by increasing your control over security access:

Robust Vigilance

Monitor all the privileged access accounts, even for a short duration, to fix emerging vulnerabilities. After the data collection procedure, form an intense governance process for privileged accessibility by preferred administrators. Only they will get the authority to eliminate undesirable privileged access.

Process Control

To achieve governance and control, form an effective lifecycle to keep track of all privileged access changes. Also, monitor each privileged account and the data it can access. Make sure the administrators get access for a limited duration only. Acquire awareness of PAM usage to properly manage it.

Audit Report

The privileged users’ functions and modifications bring visibility into the process. It is essential to record all the procedures to find and fix any discovered gaps in logs and recordings.


While developing a PAM practice, focus on automating the process to improve speed and reliability. It would help in saving cost, time, and resources by achieving the strategic business objectives. However, avoid implementing any unrecognized PAM tools to maintain security.

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