Micro-Drilling: No One Can Afford an Attack

Cybersecurity breaches are becoming a familiar feature of a modern-day cyber crisis. Yet, many organizations still rely on traditional training techniques to prepare their workforces for cyber crisis response. In this article at TechRepublic, Michael Kassner explains how micro-drilling can enhance your cybersecurity coaching and why it is better than table-top exercising.

What is Micro-Drilling?

Micro-drilling is a new approach taken by progressive security leaders to overcome the limitations of traditional table-top exercises. This is a shorter, regular, and rapid training process that develops counterfactual thinking among security personnel. The micro-drilling methodology helps incident responders explore alternative solutions and leaves them better prepared for the next crisis. The method also reduces the amount of time and effort to run simulations. “Another benefit of micro-drilling is that it gives the ability to collect data on how decisions affected the outcome. This information allows response teams to spot patterns that will assist decision-making,” says Kassner.

Why is it Crucial?

Micro-drilling instills cognitive agility in crisis-response groups. The training method also helps the team resolve cybersecurity’s most ‘wicked’ issues. With cybercrimes increasing, having well-trained personnel is an asset for the organization.

Techniques for Building Cognitive Agility

Regular Simulations

Skill acquisition is an iterative process requiring several steps. When security leaders run more simulations, employees become more adaptable. Cybersecurity experts believe that people initially develop surface-level knowledge and eventually acquire advanced skills such as attributing reason to an attacker’s actions.

Variety of Simulations

Running a greater variety of simulations enables cybersecurity teams to ask themselves and their teams a broader range of ‘what if’ questions. By allowing IT teams to explore alternative hypotheses, you encourage them to change their security approach.

Simulation Data to Spot Patterns

Track the crisis simulations with quantifiable metrics tagged to every decision. This helps participants clearly understand the outcomes. Furthermore, this will encourage security teams to make accurate decisions based on data. To read the original article, click on https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-micro-drilling-can-enhance-your-cybersecurity-training/.

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