Plan New Normal Policies with ITIL Concepts

Plan New Normal Policies with ITIL Concepts

Whichever office model you followed before COVID-19, chances are you no longer follow it now. Some organizations have shifted to a permanent WFH model, while others are considering a hybrid work culture. Nonetheless, you must build new normal policies, and that should be based on ITIL concepts. In this article at AXELOS, Amy Metcalfe shares how you can establish your new normal procedures based on the ITIL concepts.

Learn from ITIL Concepts

Spotify has commissioned its staff to freely work from home. Nationwide Insurance left the choice of coming to the office up to the workers. Here are some ITIL concepts to make progressive new normal policies:

Clarity Rules

Not many employees read company policies until they are working for the legal wing of the organization. So, use clear terms to help staff understand your new normal policies.

Be Realistic

One of the ITIL concepts is to make policies that are realistic. Give employees the tools they need to accomplish your expectations.

Welcome Queries

There might be several questions regarding the new policies. Create an FAQ section so that employees have ready-made answers to their concerns.

Train to Communicate

The majority of the employees do not understand policies because of the complex terms policymakers use in framing them. Conduct a short training session so that the stakeholders know what they are signing up for.

Make It Flexible

Today’s policies should reflect the work culture and be flexible. Have enough room so that the new normal policies do not become obsolete too soon.

Have Non-compliance Bullets

While the new normal policies should facilitate working in the new environment, your people should know what is in store for them if they do not comply. However, be objective.

Measure Compliance

Have standard KPIs that can reveal how many are following the policies. One of the ITIL concepts is to measure the effectiveness of the new normal policies.

Increase Accessibility

Since the policies will affect all, why not keep the document in a common repository that everyone can access? It will help your remote staff a great deal.

Address Feedback

Remember, your policies should enable the staff to become more efficient. If they have any feedback regarding any of the ITIL concepts, be open to discussion.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.axelos.com/news/blogs/march-2021/using-itils-concepts-9-tips-for-effective-policies

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