Quick Fix for Post-Pandemic Cyber Risk Management

The global pandemic and economic crisis have overturned the existing cybersecurity measures of organizations worldwide. However, the next significant challenge is to foresee and address the post-pandemic shifts. IT teams need an augmented security arrangement to protect the productivity of their remote workforce. Now is the time for IT and business leaders to act together, bridge cyber vulnerability gaps, and make robust adjustments. In this blog article by EC-Council, acquire knowledge of cyber risks to optimize business growth measures.

Current Risk Posture

The work-from-home model has encouraged companies to accept the bring your own device (BYOD) practice. The remote workforce is accessing confidential business data from distributed locations. Thus, the possibility of cyber vulnerabilities and the risk of data breaches are high. Frequent cybersecurity drills and risk management strategies can detect potential risks but cannot mitigate looming security threats. You need a suitable action plan to guard the real assets. Be watchful of employee’s access to private data stores from remote locations.

Beefed-Up Security

Despite prioritized risk management practices, most organizations in the healthcare sector have suffered massive data loss. Enable all the risk compliance measures to boost your cybersecurity arrangements for future security. Spread awareness among remote employees about these potential risks:

  • Cyber hacking has become noticeable in the recent past. The display of personal information on social media platforms has made threat actors proactive in taking advantage of cyber vulnerabilities. Such risks promote identity theft and malicious activities that can cost an organization its reputation.
  • In uncertain situations like the COVID-19 epidemic, keeping your debt load low is crucial to avoid unnecessary losses. Rising interest rates are yet another risk that may cost you customer loyalty.
  • Always preserve funds to survive the market fluctuation. Stay vigilant of the ongoing trends to adjust your business strategies and be future-ready.
  • Natural disasters are out of your control, but you can manage operational risks. To avoid such undesirable issues, keep your staff well-trained to avoid monetary shortfalls.
  • Stay updated with federal regulations and compliance risks that can affect your everyday operations. Keep a close watch over the compulsory compliances and seek skilled guidance to minimize governance risks.

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