Remove These Flaws from Your Project Manager Resume

A resume plays a significant role in getting the desired position. In this article at Project Smart, Nicole Garrison highlights the standard resume mistakes applicants make. Using a project management catchphrase cannot guarantee the role you were eyeing for long. Your resume should narrate professional achievement, experience, and exposure in the industry.

No Vague Statements

Hiring managers get thousands of resumes for a project manager’s role. Some companies even use an open-source applicant tracking system (ATS) software to automatically shortlist resumes. You can be among the shortlisted candidates by avoiding complicated keywords.


Often, the words you feel confident about leaving a lasting impression can turn out to be a flaw. Project management buzzwords are genuine examples of it. Most applicants use them following the fallacy of standing out from the crowd. However, these words leave the recruiters confused. Resumes are shortlisted by HR professionals that are not familiar with project management jargon. Even the ATS software cannot identify them. So, use simple terms to define your effectiveness for the role.


Avoid the initial statement that elaborates your career objective. This trivial information increases the word limit of your resume. Instead, define your career synopsis in not more than two sentences to give a sneak peek into your achievements. It is your chance to woo the recruiters so that you can infuse the vital keywords mentioned in the job description.

False Data

To land a project manager’s role, you must demonstrate your exceptional skills. However, using false information can make a wrong impression of your work ethic. The damage is irreparable. So, make sure all the details mentioned in your resume are reliable and backed with proven facts.

Apart from these, applicants tend to lengthen their resumes by giving details of their hobbies irrelevant to the job. Some people even mention unrelated work experiences and educational certification. Avoid such lengthy descriptions and keep your resume concise. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.projectsmart.co.uk/top-5-things-to-leave-off-your-resume-as-a-project-manager.php

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