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Resolve Stakeholder Conflict Before It’s Too Late

Mitigating conflict at the workplace is nothing new for project managers. Often, they come across fiery discussions over project schedules, priorities, necessary shifts in plans, or technical glitches. However, all these arguments do not cause as much disruption as a stakeholder conflict. This blog article by Harry Hall defines how a small discussion may turn into a heated argument. Your body language and tone of voice may turn it into an unexpected conflict.

Deliberately Counter

The nature of the conflict may remain within the sphere of the two individuals involved if you strategically handle it. Otherwise, it may turn into a dispute between organizations, affecting brand reputation and business loss. So, here is a solution to maintain peace while managing the conflict:


Most project managers avoid tensions with the stakeholders. So, they withdraw their point of view and reduce the chances of harm. However, it is better to justify your point with a robust solution or fact if you cannot withdraw.


You can emphasize the reasons for the discord and accept your failure if you are unable to support your opinion. Accepting your failure could be a significant way to stay resilient.


Ultimately, the stakeholders are in a higher position and have more at stake in the project than you. So, either you compromise or find a way to influence the stakeholders to cooperate.

Find a Solution

Resolve the problem by assessing it in collaboration with the stakeholders and conclude the discussion with a win-win alternative.

Not only project managers but stakeholders also try to prevent unsolicited arguments to save time and resources. Conflict escalation may lead to project delays and a range of uneven retaliations. Identifying potential reasons for conflicts between project stakeholders and managers is a significant step to anticipation and management. Preventing stakeholder conflicts from evolving further is paramount. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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