Simple Tips to Efficiently Solve a Complex Problem

The ability to solve problems is indispensable. When you set out to solve a problem, you define a question in need of a solution. Problem-solving is not always straightforward. It requires a great deal of insight, creativeness, critical thinking to imagine possible solutions, and decisiveness to implement the solutions. In this article at Project Risk Coach, Elizabeth Harrin explains how to expand your problem-solving toolkit using your ‘lessons learned’ log to uncover potential solutions.

How to Improve Problem-Solving Skills

Take Time to Plan Solutions

When leaders are on a tight schedule, they tend to directly jump into problem-solving without planning an approach. An excellent approach to problem-solving is to follow the general rules of sound project management: assign tasks to team members, define dependencies, milestones, and deliverables. If you are dealing with large teams, be sure to explain your approach to other team members.

Find Relevant Information

“If your lessons learned log gives you a nugget of information you can use to fix this problem, then go ahead and discuss what you have found with the team,” says Harrin. Additionally, combine different information sources and techniques. This will help you improve problem-solving as it enables you to identify a flaw in logic, inaccurate data, bias, and unrealistic assumptions. This is particularly relevant for complex issues.

Do Not Draw Conclusions Early On

No matter how robust your planning and approach are, many managers tend to jump to a conclusion early in the process. Wrong decisions will limit your ability to objectively determine alternative solutions.

Document the Lessons You Learned

Capture your experience of solving an issue. Create an agenda for a ‘lessons learned’ discussion. This will keep the conversations on track and focused on lessons. Structuring your ‘lessons learned’ meeting will help you get useful insights into your approach to the problem. Discuss what worked, what did not, and what you have learned during the problem-solving process as an individual and team. To read the original article, click on https://projectriskcoach.com/how-to-improve-problem-solving-with-lessons-learned/.

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