Solutions to 8 Leading Daily PM Challenges

Solutions to 8 Leading Daily PM Challenges

All project managers face daily PM challenges, and some never seem to end despite multiple corrections. While most of them are unpredictable, you can only hope to stay alert to proactively mitigate them. In this article at PM Basics 101, Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy shares solutions to eight leading daily PM challenges.

Solving 8 Daily PM Challenges

Relying on a Mentor

Project managers hardly have mentors. The majority of them learn on the job. Do not hope that you will have much handholding before or after taking up the post. Think ahead to become a great project manager. Anticipate risks and issues that might crop up later. If you happen to have a mentor, keep asking questions without inhibition.

A Leadership User Guide

There are several leadership self-help books you can get online and at the local bookstore. Find the right book, invest some time in reading through the insights. Use them to solve your daily PM challenges and measure their effectiveness.

People Management

Every team will have a difficult member. It’s embarrassing when you are the one that recommended the person be hired. The solution cannot always be layoffs. Create a set of interview questions that can reveal if the candidate is the right fit for your team. Additionally, build KPIs to justify your reasons for firing someone.

Happy Stakeholders  

While most self-help books recommend you keep your clients happy, that is sometimes difficult. Have a documented agreement about what the clients want as project deliverables to increase transparency.

Scope and Requirements

One of the top daily PM challenges is not having a clear direction from clients. They are busy people, so you might not get the chance to throw a question at them whenever you come across an issue. Set a regular time and meeting schedule to get all the requirements clarified.

Risk Strategies

You have been filling up the risk register since the beginning of the project lifecycle. Check if your risk best practices are in line with the industry protocols. That will standardize your risk response plans.


The majority of project managers feel they need a certificate to prove their worth in the role. Certifications alone cannot help you solve daily PM challenges. Even though you get sufficient knowledge from the courses, your success depends on how well you implement them.

Problem Management

You may not get to learn about all the problems firsthand when you are not a project manager. However, you can always ask your immediate manager to make you aware of them. In doing so, you may learn to recognize problem patterns in the company and offer solutions.

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