Strengthen Your Service Management Framework

Strengthen Your Service Management Framework

You must continually improve your service management framework because the end goal of every project is value procurement. Meanwhile, management expects you to produce more but with fewer resources. You can do this if you have a strong but flexible service delivery roadmap. In this article at Service Management Journey, Ryan Ogilvie shares how you can strengthen your service management framework.

Beef Up Service Management Framework

While you already know the benefits of your current service management process, you must learn how to enhance the roadmap. Here are the ways you can increase the efficacy of your service management framework:

Scope Definition

Always tie the service management framework to scope to avoid scope creep or project derailment. You have to deliver the task within the resource limits. Let’s admit, you do not have extra time away from the current assignments as well. Review your activities using problem management and IT asset management processes. People also look into service requests, service desk activities, incidents, and change management.


You do not have to build detailed documentation for every process you add to the service management framework. The information should be enough for all stakeholders to understand the project requirements. It should answer the following questions:

  • Who has the practice ownership?
  • What scope does the practice have?
  • What are the practice guidelines and actions?
  • What are the practice requirements and results?
  • What are the benchmarks for these practices?

Though you might have highly involved stakeholders, do not forget to send regular reports to them. Include time estimates, wins, barriers, etc., in those updates. To strengthen the service management framework, always include the right people at the right time. Keep your scope small and always encourage a continuous feedback loop for frequent improvement opportunities.

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