Task Delegation: A Perilous Aspect of Leadership

Delegating essential tasks to effectively leverage available resources is an essential leadership trait. However, what happens when delegating is not that easy, or the tasks are not ones that should be delegated? This blog article by Bernard Marr defines serious tasks that a leader should not casually delegate.

Trust-Building Exercise

It is impossible to take all the crucial tasks and work on them yourself. Extending trust to your employees and allocating work to them demonstrates focus. However, task delegation does not always work favorably. Sometimes the move can be detrimental for the leaders. So, here is a list of tasks you must avoid assigning to the team to maintain your reputation:

Basic Obligations

Your fundamental skills define who you are. Similarly, the fundamental tasks assigned to you add value to your leadership ability. Outsourcing it will surely question your purpose in the company.

Rewards and Control

Leaders have the authority to applaud or control employees working under them. In no circumstances should they micromanage the task assigned to the team. Assessments are meant to improve employee performance and being too controlling demoralizes the staff.

Cultivating Talent

The leadership role demands employee training and upskilling teams. It is your job to hire top industry talent and shape them into a significant asset to the company. Together, all skilled employees will define the future of your business. Delegating this critical task to someone else is a sheer waste of resources.

Client Management

Clients are investing money in your company. Having a cordial business relationship with them is part of your job, not anyone else’s. Be it good news or bad, always deliver it yourself. Conveying the necessary information through some other person disrupts the chain of communication and command.

Crisis Recovery

Any crisis requires a seamless flow of information. Be it project sponsors, distributors, team members, or clients, updating everyone is your job. Assure them that you are observing the situation and strategizing ways to overcome it.

Leaders worldwide are making an impact by acknowledging their power of delegation and exercising it properly. Doing so maintains the productive pace of commitment, precision, and execution. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.bernardmarr.com/default.asp?contentID=989

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