Things to Know Before Conducting Virtual Meetings

Things to Know Before Conducting Virtual Meetings

The pandemic has made people realize the benefits of conducting virtual meetings. You do not have to face traffic and can attend from the comfort of your home. Additionally, you are accessible to clients almost always and vice versa. While there are several perks, you must learn the challenges and rules too. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy shares tips to help you in running virtual meetings.

Conduct Virtual Meetings

Even though office space might open soon, staff, as well as organizations, do not want to let go of virtual meetings yet. So, let’s find out the benefits, challenges, and rules to conduct virtual meetings.


  • You can connect to anyone that has internet and a mobile device. You can even record the meeting so that you can rewind and take notes whenever possible.
  • You do not have to travel or spend your budget on meeting space. It is a cost-effective solution for all businesses.
  • Virtual meetings save you several hours of travel back and forth and the time lost in rechecks of venue and personnel availability.
  • You do not have to be present in the office to connect in virtual meetings. You can take the call while sitting on your balcony sipping your morning coffee.
  • You just need a common and secure application that would connect you to the desired individual.
  • Since neither of the parties has to invest time in commuting and scheduling venues, you both enjoy increased work output.
  • In a physical meeting, people shy away from stating their opinions. In virtual meetings, everyone gets the stage.


  • You cannot see them in front of you to understand if they wholeheartedly agree with you.
  • Everyone might not be that attentive, and it gets tougher to figure that out in virtual meetings.
  • Some information needs a bit more handholding than emailed instructions. You have to explain a lot to achieve that feat in online sessions.


  • When you are not speaking, mute your microphone. The background noise might be distracting to the speaker.
  • Though you are working from home, make an effort to appear professional during virtual meetings.
  • Have a backdrop check before joining the call. Remove personal items that your clients or coworkers do not need to know about.
  • Face the camera and talk. That will give the other side a more in-person atmosphere.
  • Decide a time or place where you can avoid situations like kitchen noises or family members interrupting with questions.
  • Open the websites, spreadsheets, and presentation deck you need to show to the clients. Have an internet backup should there be a connectivity issue from the primary router.
  • Though you are the one that has sent the invite, introduce yourself. You cannot expect everyone in the meeting to read the agenda or make a background check about your job profile.
  • Never wear pinstripes because that is distracting to look at during virtual meetings.

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