This Company Is Going to Make Air Taxis a Reality

Do you think air taxis are still a sci-fi dream? In this CNET video, senior editor Andy Altman shares how Joby Aviation is fast-tracking the future. The aircraft has six electric motors to help with vertical takeoff and landing as well as cruising. What’s more, you can easily talk to your co-passenger during these activities. Unlike helicopters, your voice will not be drowned out by the whirring blades, as demonstrated by CEO and founder JoeBen Bevirt in the company’s sample video. The air taxis can comfortably seat five people at a time and cruise at 200 miles per hour. Executive chairman Paul Sciarra explains that they wanted to hit the right commercial service benchmark before showing off their latest developments. For now, the air taxis will have pilots, but they will gradually become autonomous in the future.

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