Value of Sustainability for Project Success

The eye-opening experience of the global lockdown underlines the need for taking calculated risks. IT and business leaders must understand that sustainability is as critical as achieving set business goals. In this article at Association for Project Management (APM), David Craik explains the importance of sustainability for project success. However, most professionals focus more on project cost and budget instead of the desired outcomes.

Reliable Project Sourcing

Sustainable sourcing is critical to accelerating business growth and expansion. “Our project sustainability targets are either set by the client or something we can influence them to do,” says Mace senior project manager Jessica Travers. Responsible sourcing is impossible without the involvement of project professionals in the decision-making process.

According to a recent University of Westminster study into Responsible Project Management, project professionals have improved awareness. Nonetheless, they have limited power to draw crucial decisions. They contend with management roadblocks due to sustainability costs and face change resistance from senior professionals. On the other hand, when the leaders are open to sustainable progress, communicating down the corporate ladder becomes a hurdle. Richard Samworth, IT program manager, calls this uncertainty the prime barrier to regularly discussing project sustainability.

The Solution

Consistent alignment among project managers, PMOs, and business leaders is the only way to accelerate the sustainability decision-making process. Organizations need a more holistic approach to achieve success. So, add it to your project scope and budget and set cost-effective metrics to maintain balance.

Small changes can bring actionable developments and facilitate fewer uncertain outcomes. Active participation from the people working on the project, programs, and portfolios is necessary to achieve sustainability. Ignoring their assessments is the reason many projects fail to weather storms like the 2020 global crisis.

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