What Sort of Challenges Emerged in 2021 for CISOs?

The growing demand for digital transformation in 2021 made the chief information security officer’s (CISO) job far more complex. The permanent work from home scenario and the surge in cybersecurity attacks are important reasons to stay informed. In this article at Security Boulevard, Kyndall Elliott elaborates on the emerging challenges for security professionals.

Up Your Game

CISOs are in a high-risk space, forced to adapt to changes hurled by the global pandemic. Convincing board members by accomplishing their expectations is far more crucial now. The board executives are open to spending but also want to see significant improvements. According to the CEO and co-founder of SOFTwarfare Wyatt Cobb, C-suite executives have recognized security arrangements’ value. They believe in “pay now or pay big later.” Thereby, the already complicated role of the CISOs has become more challenging.

Stay Vigilant

So, how can chief information security officers counter the emerging challenges of 2021? You can start by making risk management strategies to fix vulnerabilities. Top-performing CISOs have a solution for all problems beforehand. They believe in staying one step ahead of their peers. Be proactive and start delegating work to your team to counter emerging risks.

Build a Plot

Strategically think and outline an exclusive approach to learn and explain the existing gaps to the C-suite executives. Now, logically support your analysis with a robust solution. Your storyline will convince everyone if you involve the available resources to create a successful vulnerability management plan. Validate your ideas with a supply value chain that is intentionally aligned with the existing IT and business objectives. Showcase the board your contribution in protecting the company with a well-thought-out ROI plan to secure your job.

With the world exploring advanced technologies to stay secure, CISOs are facing the heat of the developments. Your innovative steps can keep you on top. So, stay upbeat and make a niche in the industry.

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