What You Should Not Have as Your Leadership Traits

What You Should Not Have as Your Leadership Traits

You have come across several models to help acquire leadership traits to manage a team or a company. For instance, Hammer & Champy’s Business Process Re-engineering Model, McKinsey’s 7-S Framework, and Kenichi Ohmae’s 3C’s Strategic Triangle. Do you know the traits that sabotage your efforts to be a good leader? In this article at Project Smart, Lonnie Pacelli shares the leadership traits you should not have as a manager.

Get Rid of These Leadership Traits

Failures and celebrations are a part of your leadership journey. All the frameworks in the world cannot save a project from failure if you possess negative leadership traits. Those trickle down the otherwise calm brain of yours without your knowledge and sabotage your efforts. What are these leadership traits that can derail even a small project? Let’s find out here:

The Warning Signs

  • Do you always claim to be a know-it-all and think your ideas are better than the entire team? While confidence inspires the team, arrogance demoralizes and alienates you from the rest of the group.
  • Do you go back and forth on your decisions? The team needs someone with a stable frame of mind to make the right decisions and stick to them.
  • The last thing your team wants is a disorganized manager. It is one of the leadership traits that can alone create more confusion and project failures.
  • Do you take up more assignments from higher-ups despite your team members warning you that they are inundated with work? Stubbornness can lead you nowhere because you will eventually cause team burnout.
  • Instead of focusing on what the team achieved, do you always talk about what they did not do? If your actions always create a sense of negativity among the team members, infuse some enthusiasm to boost the team morale.
  • When things do not turn out the way they should, project managers must shoulder the blame. If you hide behind your team, you are losing their respect at that very moment.
  • Do team members confide in you? Do you then disclose that information to another? If so, you are not trustworthy. As their leader, you must demonstrate respect for others in order to acquire their trust.

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