At Which Stage Does a CIO Need a Career Coach?

At Which Stage Does a CIO Need a Career Coach?

Are you wondering if a CIO really needs a career coach? You are in a pivotal position in the company and need to make more impactful decisions every day. A single moment of indecision can create monumental repercussions for the company. If you have a career coach, you will have an objective viewpoint to correct your flaws beforehand. In a way, it will help you serve the company better. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby explains the signs when a CIO needs a career coach.

Get Help from a Career Coach

CIO roles are expanding to include the business side of the organization as well. Having a career coach could enable you to sharpen your skills and embrace these new responsibilities. How do you know if you need a career coach? These are the sure-shot signs:

Cry for Help

  • Your company is deploying a career coach for you. Some companies prefer to upskill everyone, irrespective of their position.
  • Recently, you are undergoing a lot of stress and wishing that you have someone to have a no-holds-barred conversation with.
  • Your organization is not transforming fast enough to survive the volatile market, and you do not know what to do about it.
  • Your IT team is firefighting for quick wins but does not have any long-term goals.
  • You are not doing anything new, and it feels like you are repeatedly working on the same set of tasks without much change.
  • You are unable to express your vision to the rest of the top stakeholders.
  • You are running around but not getting things done on time.
  • Your personal branding is non-existent or needs a new statement.
  • You have been stripped of your role or have been asked to resign for unsatisfactory performance.
  • You want to run a massive transformation in the company, but you do not know where to start.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2021/3/cio-career-coach-why-you-need

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