Can GMC’s Hummer EV Match Up to the Tesla Cars?

In this Engadget video, Andrew Tarantola discusses the unique features of GMC’s Hummer EV. It is one of the first models among the company’s electrified super-truck lineup. General Motors has been launching electric vehicles since 1996. Its journey began with EV1. The company is currently working on its BEV3 model, which is powered by the Ultium battery system. In 2020, CEO Mary Barra informed in a press conference that General Motors planned to profit from every electric vehicle it sold. The primary aim is to sell 1 million electric cars by 2025. Tesla has used cylindrical battery tech, but GMC is using pouch and prismatic styled cells. You can pack 6 to 24 cells in larger units. For Hummer EV, GMC stacked 16 to 20 modules. This battery placement flexibility enables the company to load twice as much energy into their vehicles compared to the Tesla models.

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