Flooded by Multiple Projects? 5 Tips to Handle Them

Flooded by Multiple Projects? 5 Tips to Handle Them

Eighty-eight percent of team members face problems due to weak leadership and poor communication. This is rampant when you are handling multiple projects. The good thing is you have solutions to direct your crews better. In this article at Project Times, Jimmy Rodela shares established tips to tackle multiple projects.

To-Dos to Handle Multiple Projects

When handling one project seems like a lot, you cannot imagine tackling multiple projects. However, when duty calls, you must make the best out of the situation. Here are some tips to help handle multiple projects without a hiccup:

Schedule Everything

Always have a plan or plans that enable you to be on track. Without scheduling, your team will fail in task prioritization and overshoot deadlines. Equip yourself with a tool to increase visibility regarding workflow and dependencies.

Highlight Priority Tasks

It is common to work on the small tasks first to check them off your list, but that may not be the best task management approach. For multiple projects, handle priority tasks simultaneously before choosing the easy ones. Strategically schedule the high-priority and low-priority assignments so that the team can accomplish both without any trouble.

Straighten Out Goals and Plans

Though you are running multiple projects, each project will have its specific way of accomplishing milestones. Create standards and policies that the teams must follow to produce deliverables within the stipulated timeframe.

Have Regular Checkpoints

Multiple projects mean multiple stakeholders. Have regular checkpoints with your team so that you have the latest reports at any given time. Learn about stakeholder expectations, create high-level update reports of critical tasks, and ensure the task owner is taking ownership.

Delegate and Empower

You cannot go through every detail, so you must trust your experienced team members to do their job well. Communicate the workflow, establish timelines, coordinate stakeholder requirements, share the resources available for each task, announce your expectations, and empower the individual to take ownership of the job entirely.

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