Here’s a Guide to Creating a Project Proposal Team

Here’s a Guide to Creating a Project Proposal Team

No two proposal teams will have the same roles and responsibilities. So, if yours do not match the other team’s version, do not worry. Before you assemble a team, you must know your organization’s opportunities and, most importantly, what makes the sponsors tick. In this article at the Digital Project Manager, Galen Low shares a guide to help build a project proposal team.

Building a Proposal Team

The roles important for your proposal team are chiefly proposal leader, proposal manager, and proposal coordinator. Those are followed by positions like project manager, SMEs, content coordinators, account manager, proposal sponsor, reviewers, QA director, and visual designer.

Why Have a Proposal Manager?

Basically, proposals are nothing but projects. If your organization is serious about the project, having a proposal manager is a good strategy. The person can save your team time and energy by avoiding late submissions or unqualified proposals. Based on the compliance matrix, the proposal manager will track down the basic requirements for proposal approval, schedule resources, and monitor submission milestones.

Cover It Well

Use your PM methodologies and tools to create a RACI chart or proposal coverage checklist. Get your team to figure out the things you should add to the proposal. Have an owner for each proposal so that you get things done on time.

Now Create the Team

  • Include everyone relevant to the proposal, like the UX designers and QA team.
  • Your top executives in the proposal team must be able to make decisions when situations are confusing.
  • Add some fresh faces so that you get new perspectives during the brainstorming sessions.
  • Have people on board that know your buyer or have worked on similar grounds. Their experience would help you accelerate the workflow.

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