How Crucial is Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation?

Any digital transformation project carries with it potential cybersecurity risks. However, the rapid adoption of digital innovation by consumers and businesses paves the way for both risks and opportunities. Cybersecurity and privacy are prominent among those risks. In this article at Raconteur, Rosalyn Page explains the need for leaders to implement transformation in a cyber-secure way while avoiding the pitfalls.

How to Manage Security Risk

Create a Secure Platform

Innovation teams thrive when they use agile development methodologies. However, security teams must create a secure perimeter and a container within which developers must work. Furthermore, security teams must work with the developers to create a base platform on the cloud responsible for authenticating the users and storing, encrypting, and transmitting data.

Protect Sensitive Data

“Business transformation goes hand in hand with technological upgrades, which often means migrating sensitive data and technical processes from one system to another,” explains Page. Therefore, security teams must never overlook any area when considering cybersecurity in the digital transformation project. Ignoring some areas will undoubtedly leave a business exceptionally vulnerable to attack.

Security Teams Must Transform Too

One of the biggest challenges for security teams remains how to implement security during the digital transformation process. Solutions often come down to the culture of the IT and security departments. Additionally, CISOs must evolve too. They must take on internal advisors and collaborators’ roles in the departments deploying the applications and new technologies.

Identify the Source of Responsibility

Business leaders and C-suite executives must make a comprehensive plan to locate potential security threats. They must ensure that the business is not vulnerable to any risks at any digital transformation process stage. Cybersecurity awareness helps leaders create a risk-aware workplace culture.

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