How Does Compassion Improve Team Motivation?

How Does Compassion Improve Team Motivation?

You guide team members every day and even provide them the tools for your organization’s remote work business model. Do you still find them demoralized? For team motivation, they need more compassion in these turbulent times. In this article at PM Student, MMeloni shares how empathy improves team motivation.

Team Motivation and Empathy

According to McClelland’s theory, team motivation is possible when one of these three conditions is met—‘need for power, a need for affiliation, or a need for achievement’. Each has its own motivational factor. You must figure out the median to keep everyone happy. The more connected your team feels, the more productivity they showcase. So, do not be empathetic to just one individual but divide your compassion throughout the group. Here’s how to improve your team motivation:

Needs Achievement

Ambitious people like to work alone, but you should encourage them to get that euphoria when collaborating with the team. You must also allow them to work individually to keep their inner ambition alive.

Needs Power

You assume that people listen to you because you are the leader. However, have you found out what really compels them to listen to you? Some would say the fear of the position you have in the team. Some would argue that you can convince them to work per your vision. According to McClelland’s theory, the need for power is ‘the enjoyment of organizing and influencing others’. So, senior professionals who deserve to influence the team because of their experience must be provided a sense of authority for team motivation.

Needs Affiliation

Most of this power is because of the relationship you have with your team and stakeholders. People are following your instructions or acknowledging your opinions because they have allowed you to do so. It is a kind of affiliation that enables a sense of belonging and results in team motivation. It is through compassion and empathy that you can build a better bridge between you and the team.

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