Is OCM Necessary for ITSM Success? Find Out How

Is OCM Necessary for ITSM Success? Find Out How

Despite implementing new tech tools, only a few in the company use them. How do you convince people to leverage those for ITSM success? This is why ITIL 4 has organizational change management (OCM) as one of its 34 best practices. In his blog article, Joe describes how OCM implementation enables ITSM success.

OCM and ITSM Success

ITSM professionals have dealt with change enablement or management, but OCM is different. HDI and SDI surveys indicate that 80 percent of enterprises have established self-service portals. Nonetheless, only 10 to 20 percent of employees were actually leveraging those because staff productivity did not improve. So, what are the OCM challenges?

  • Low stakeholder engagement rate
  • No proper resource allocation to mitigate OCM issues
  • Communication breakdown
  • Knowledge shortage

OCM Usage Guidelines

For ITSM success, you should utilize ITIL 4’s OCM practice guide. It narrates how you can encourage staff and other stakeholders to use the OCM portals. It basically has four directives:

  • Regularly communicate the purpose of OCM to teams across the organization. All should be in sync to accelerate the ITSM success.
  • Be the role model and follow organizational change management practices yourself to inspire your team and peers.
  • Start with stakeholders that are ready to learn how ITIL 4’s OCM guide works. They can influence their peers or department to imbibe these best practices.
  • If things do not work on the first go, people might resort to their old ways. You have to encourage iterative learning so that they do not feel demotivated at the initial stage.
  • For ITSM success, explain to employees how organizational change management can increase work productivity and accelerate their career growth.
  • Give them the tools to fast-track the OCM usage rate. Provide training wherever possible so that employees learn that you have their back.

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