IT Leadership: How is CIOs’ Role Evolving?

In recent years, the role of CIOs has been subjected to many changes and developments. Traditionally, CIOs’ role included identifying the right IT solutions for the company and ensuring that its IT infrastructure is aligned with the business objectives. With the advancement of technology and data, CIOs are taking on greater responsibilities beyond IT services and infrastructure maintenance. In this article at CIO Dive, Katie Malone explains how technological innovations have transformed CIOs’ technical requirements.

The Evolution of CIOs’ Role

A Shift to Innovation

CIOs are expected to enable the company to grow and transform into a data-driven enterprise through the deployment of technologies. This step will require CIOs to better understand the new digital technologies and how to cost-effectively operate them. Additionally, they must also understand how IT can drive new revenue opportunities and accelerate the organization’s growth. CIOs that lead the digital transformation must wear multiple hats—business strategist and change leader.

People-Centered Change

Although the change in the business world is continuous, CIOs’ most crucial role is helping employees implement the changes that have taken place. CIOs proactively engage themselves in training and development schemes. They must also equip staff with the knowledge they need to adapt.

Driving Company’s Vision

Today, CIOs must assess their company’s situation and how far it is from achieving its objectives. The leaders must then use IT to create innovative strategies that help the organization achieve its goals. CIOs are expected to be visionaries that study examples of successful businesses and learn from their best practices. “Businesses seek communication skills, entrepreneurial tendencies, systems thinking, and other core leadership competencies in CIOs today,” explains Malone.

Mindful Approach to Change

Some CIOs take a more conservative approach to technology introduction. Every change the CIOs make ripples through the change management process. Therefore, CIOs must be more mindful while taking smaller steps. To read the original article, click on https://www.ciodive.com/news/then-now-CIO-role-job-change-chief-information-officer/597507/.

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