IT Training: CIOs Must Be Strategic Design Thinkers

Since the onset of COVID-19, workplace technology has significantly changed. The new future of work demands CIOs to rethink how work must be done, reimagine office space, and manage unknown risks. While training and learning remain a priority, many CIOs have adopted new ways to upskill their teams. Now, over a year into large-scale remote work, the leaders must prepare for long-term changes resulting from the pandemic. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, Ginny Hamilton explains how CIOs can provide learning opportunities for their teams despite current constraints.

What Must CIOs Focus On?

Virtual Training Programs

Virtual training programs offer more convenience and flexibility for learners and can be as effective as in-person sessions to move forward the business objectives. “Another benefit of holding these courses virtually is that we are able to easily record them for reuse,” quotes Hamilton. CIOs must design the virtual training programs with clear objectives and desired outcomes in mind.

Continuous Learning

CIOs are well-positioned to kick-start continuous learning capability that will help them future-proof their people and enterprises. Today, many organizations need people that believe in constant learning amid increasing digital disruption pressure and ongoing technological change. Furthermore, many CIOs are serious about transformation and are building a learning culture.

Virtual Reality-Induced Learning

VR has the potential to take learning beyond the traditional online learning experience. With benefits such as enhanced engagement, improved retention, and experiential learning, individual training plans will allow the team members to gain technical understanding and business knowledge. Additionally, it strengthens the staff’s leadership development. CIOs must build trust among the employees as it is crucial to connect, communicate, and collaborate as part of the learning process.

Tailored Virtual Learning

Ongoing training is a reality for every business or organization today. Whether it is upskilling or employee development, CIOs must facilitate learning. Business leaders must move away from the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they must focus on creating virtual learning environments tailored to individual learners. Additionally, CIOs must allow for better-quality content, higher-caliber speakers, and more tailored topics to engage every team member.

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