Leadership Podcasts to Expand Your Management Scope

Leadership Podcasts to Expand Your Management Scope

Listening to leadership podcasts during traffic will make you productive even while commuting to work. Project managers and leaders usually do not get sufficient time to work on their career growth. With the boom of podcasts and audiobooks, you might have a better chance to move up the corporate ladder. In this article at Project Times, Job Isaacson shares quality leadership podcasts to improve your management horizon.

Listen to Leadership Podcasts

If you are still skeptical about these leadership podcasts’ value, why not give it a listen? Here are top podcast programs that you can try out:

Construction Duo’s Blue Collar Nation

Eric Sprague and Larry Wilberton started their construction business and learned valuable leadership lessons from scratch. They readily share suggestions with current business owners and organizational leaders. They have also launched two other leadership podcasts—Morning Tech Meeting and Blue Collar Nation Radio.

Gerrett Stier’s The GMS Podcast

A famous personality in the service industry, Gerrett Stier was working in his family electrical construction business when he found his calling in the property restoration industry. His GMS Distribution lifted off despite the 2008 recession. He shares his knowledge in The GMS Podcast.

Jon Isaacson’s The DYOJO Podcast

The term ‘DYOJO’ is a shortened version of DO Your Job Dojo, where host Jon Isaacson shares information to entertain his listeners. He covers various service industry topics and introduces prominent guests, so you will not get bored.

Dr. Karen Hardy’s Flip This Risk

It is common for leaders to fear risks and have sleepless nights due to unidentified ones. Dr. Karen Hardy mixes her experience and problem-solving methods to help you lead your team while minimizing risk. If you want to stop avoiding or worrying about issues and challenges, this is one of the leadership podcasts you must invest time in.

Jeff Cross’s Straight Talk

Leaders hardly have time to read about current industry updates. If you are eager to get the latest information, listen to this podcast. He talks about industry matters and shares how-to lessons, marketing, and management suggestions.

Pro Vs. Joe

Bryan Close, the Joe, is trying his luck in a new industry while Jon Isaacson, the Pro, gives suggestions on various topics related to project management. If you have just started a new business or managing a team, you would want to listen to one of the leadership podcasts.

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