Managers, Make Knowledge Transfer a Daily Team Task

Managers, Make Knowledge Transfer a Daily Team Task

With the help of knowledge transfer, you embed a culture of continuous learning in your team environment. Your remote workers can stay updated about recent developments. This ensures that your business continues to grow even in a volatile market. In this article at ProjectManagement.com, Yasmina Khelifi shares how to make knowledge transfer a daily team task.

Knowledge Sharing as a Daily Team Task

Once you make knowledge sharing a best practice, your team members will follow suit and use it even when they get assigned to other projects. You face the need for knowledge transfer the most when you are joining a new team. Vague requirements and busy team members cannot dedicate deserved time to share the needed information with you. Team members might be unavailable for clarification, or they are not asking or pointing out concerns or providing too many details in a short span of time.

How do you change this behavior? How do you make it a daily team task?

Renovation Steps

  • Make knowledge transfer an official daily team task. With that, you will have a dedicated hour every day wherein they can share or discuss doubts or information. Everyone would be on the same page and also know whom to ask for help.
  • Have an in-person meeting to deal with unwilling coworkers. Arrive a bit early to prepare the questions you have and keep the discussion short for the flighty peer. The person might be pressed for time, so you will be appreciated for acknowledging that.
  • People do not want to share knowledge because they fear others might not be communicating as openly as they are. Create an environment where team members feel safe sharing their expertise and getting the same collaboration from their coworkers.

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