Strategies for Enhancing Your Digital PM Processes

Digital project management is a crucial process. As projects juggle tight budgets, deadlines, and stakeholders’ involvement, project managers must ensure a streamlined process from initiation to execution. Project managers must also bear the burden of the success or failure of a project. Therefore, you must follow the best practices that can significantly impact the workflow and the final product. In this article at The Digital Project Manager, Nuala Turner explains a few ways to improve your digital project management process.

Steps to Improving Digital PM Process

Involve a Process Owner

The best way to involve a process owner is to engage them in your decision-making process from the start. “By having one person or committee to go to for process changes, new processes, and final approval on processes, there is a single source of truth to ensure alignment throughout the organization,” says Turner.

Set Small Goals

While setting project goals, remember not to over-promise when there is no chance to deliver. You may find it impossible to know where to start with a project. Instead, you can accomplish your project goals when you set smaller goals that can be achieved in the next two weeks. Set realistic deadlines and achievable wins along the way. Successfully planning out the entire project could be a small win too.

Choose the Right People

When you are managing a small team, it is essential to remember that everyone is a project manager. Each team member has to communicate and deliver work on time. Find the right people for the right tasks. For instance, if one of your team members is a natural communicator and can establish an easy rapport with clients, assign them the responsibility of checking in with other team members.

Do Not Over-Complicate the Project

If your project is too complex and contains too much data, your clients will undoubtedly have trouble creating, navigating, and updating them. Ensure your digital project management process is quick and easy.

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