Top Strategies to Deal with Difficult Stakeholders

Project execution is more than just delivering products or services. It is about managing relationships both within and around the work that impacts the project outcomes. One of the challenges for managers is to deliver successful projects by ensuring that team members and stakeholders are engaged in a way that enhances their collaboration. However, every project has ‘difficult’ stakeholders. In this article at PM Times, Christina Lovelock explains the characteristics of difficult stakeholders and describes how to deal with them.

The Red Flags

Poor Communication

Clear and consistent communication is crucial for project success. Stakeholders that fail to return calls or reply to emails on time do not make your job easier. Lack of communication conveys disinterest in the project.

Critical Remarks

You are more likely to hear negative comments from difficult stakeholders during your project meetings. Additionally, some stakeholders might be rude and uncooperative for no actual reason.

No Sense of Urgency

If stakeholders give delayed feedback on the project, this can hint that there is no longer a sense of urgency in their minds.

How to Manage Difficult Stakeholders?

Listen to What They Say

Make an effort to understand their point of view. Ask yourself:

Are their needs aligning with the project’s objectives?Do they want things done differently?

Remember, people want to be understood and feel that their opinions matter. Here are a few ways to manage difficult stakeholders:

Find talents that best match their interests.Give them opportunities to share their insights and opinions with the team and help make decisions.Treat them with respect, even when they display callousness.

Discuss the Expectations

Communicate the expectations to your stakeholders using clear and concise language. They must know from the beginning what tasks they must perform and have deadlines for meeting specific milestones. While crafting your message, ensure to set an appropriate and respectful tone. Express your commitment to serving their needs.

To read the original article, click on https://www.projecttimes.com/articles/do-difficult-stakeholders-really-exist.html.

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