Why Are You Having a Project Kickoff Meeting?

Why Are You Having a Project Kickoff Meeting?

People do not randomly start a project. It has a definitive goal and delivery expectations. Similarly, you must have a purpose behind conducting a project kickoff meeting. But what should you achieve that would convince the stakeholders to start the project? Ben Aston shares what a project kickoff meeting must mean in this article at the Digital Project Manager.

Meaning of a Project Kickoff Meeting

The general notion of a project kickoff meeting purpose is to start a project. Here is where the team and clients need to define and agree on the project scope. These meetings also provide the following benefits:

  • Team member induction
  • Collective insights regarding the project background
  • A standard definition of project success
  • A workflow and high-level task orientation
  • A roadmap to work as a unit


  • Decide the project objectives and definition as well as why the project is essential to the company. Stakeholders must know what they will achieve after investing time in it.
  • Establish communication hierarchies and PM methodologies in the very beginning of the project kickoff meeting. It will be necessary during contingencies and customary approvals. A documented approach provides a good source reference for everyone.
  • Document the project brief and designate roles and responsibilities. Task ownership is necessary to fast-track project deliverables. Additionally, have resources lined up should the primary ones move to another project.
  • Create a time frame, delivery expectations, and status update framework. The more transparent you are with your project members, the more trust you will create over time. Furthermore, irrespective of how bad or good the situation is, every stakeholder must know where the project stands.

Once all these are decided in the project kickoff meeting, ensure you also have enough information to create a project plan and compare the work statement and project charter later.

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