Why Being A Project Manager Can Be Frustrating

What makes projects so difficult for managers to handle? As a project manager, you must assess the culture, team, roles, and responsibilities. You must also know how to handle escalation. Being a PM is incredibly rewarding, but it is a challenging endeavor that takes time to learn. In this article at PMTips, John M Quigley and Steve Lauck share some of the most frequently cited frustrations of experienced project managers. If you have just started your career in project management, you must be prepared to deal with these challenges.

Top 4 Frustrations of Project Managers

Administrative Burden

Managers are often expected to tell the same story in multiple formats. Well, there is nothing more frustrating than this. If you are running several projects at once, staying on top of the paperwork can be highly demanding. Keeping several timesheets for yourself, your team, vendors, and contractors along with budgets, risk logs, agendas, and notes can be overwhelming too.

Insufficient Resources

For instance, your project is meeting the schedule expectations, you are able to efficiently manage the issues, and the team is working together well. However, the next day you receive a new critical project with tight deadlines and schedule. You may spend a week understanding the new project’s scope and develop a strategy. If the new project is then on hold due to a pending strategic decision, then your team has lost a week of productivity.


“Another frustration comes from the project manager expecting non-project management people don’t understand project management terms, techniques, and tools,” explain the authors. This is one of the hardest things for project managers because they are dependent on others to achieve their project goals.

Poorly Defined Requirements

Poorly defined requirements lead to poorly defined scope. This further leads to constantly changing requirements. Without a definite scope and realistic requirements, a project schedule becomes challenging to maintain.

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