Why Post-Pandemic Workplace Culture Must be Flexible

Why Post-Pandemic Workplace Culture Must be Flexible

When the world is battling with multiple waves of the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations are still not decided about their post-pandemic workplace culture. The Robert Walters report stated that only 68 percent of the U.S. offices shifted to the work-from-home model within two days of the outbreak. 57 percent of enterprises in New Zealand, 52 percent in the U.K., 50 percent in Japan, and only 36 percent in Australia cared for such measures. There is a marked difference in tackling the pandemic. In this article at Project Manager, decide why your post-pandemic workplace culture must be flexible.

Post-Pandemic Workplace Report

Three out of five participants conveyed that top executives wanted to hang back with the conventional workplace culture after the pandemic. 60 percent of companies faced IT issues, a significant barrier to the globally accepted post-pandemic workplace culture.

However, mindsets are changing. “With many businesses now going back to the office, the changing expectations of employees in a post COVID-19 world has meant that organisations and particularly senior leaders will need to adapt their thinking and implement what flexible working now looks like,” says Robert Walters-ANZ managing director James Nicholson.

Workplace Flexibility

Before the pandemic, the work-from-home model was a standby option. Now, 76 percent of employers would not hesitate to bend the rules and prioritize remote work options. Nicholson remarked, “It is great to see that organisations are taking the need to adapt and be flexible with work practices seriously.”

More Findings

  • 75 percent of the respondents believe that senior management should be more assertive about the remote work model as post-pandemic workplace culture.
  • 69 percent want their leaders to focus on results rather than time spent in the office.
  • 65 percent believe top executives must be more knowledgeable about technologies and their collaboration benefits.

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