Your Cybersecurity Review Must Answer 5 Questions

Your Cybersecurity Review Must Answer 5 Questions

Do you want the corporate cybersecurity strategy to work? Then conduct a cybersecurity review to understand where your organization stands. You should make a clear roadmap to boost cyber-surveillance and protect your organization from major damage. How do you know your cybersecurity review is correctly evaluating the situation? In this article at BizTech Magazine, Joel Snyder shares five questions to check if you are correctly performing the assessment.

Questions for a Cybersecurity Review

You run anonymous surveys to discover the deep-rooted issues that nobody talks about in meetings or with the team. Why do you not conduct a cybersecurity review to identify the key problem areas as well? To have a successful feedback loop, include these five questions in your in-house cybersecurity review:

Clarifying Queries

  • Which processes are not working per your expectation? You cannot just create a standard guideline and forget to maintain it. New techniques will come up, and you must ensure that employees can work safely with them.
  • Is IAM management working fine? Most data breaches occur due to weak identity access management practices. Probe deeper if you are still facing recurring issues. The majority of the time, the critical reason for IAM mismanagement is your people.
  • Where do you think the company app and network architecture is outdated? Businesses are yet to pick up the slack in this area. Recently, organizations are reconsidering micro-segmentation for data center design.
  • In which areas of security protocols do you want to see improvement? It is better to know the issues beforehand because they become difficult to manage on short notice. Pay attention to the answers to this question.
  • What should be our post-review priorities? The cybersecurity review must provide you with actionable insights. However, some might be needing immediate attention. This question will help you track that.

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