Are Autonomous Vehicles Ready to Hit the Road?

Tesla, Waymo, Cruise, TuSimple, Aurora are all testing to get their autonomous vehicles on the road. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk is confident that autonomous vehicles will have full self-driving features soon. Aurora’s CEO Chris Urmson insists, “We’ll start to see this move from prototypes to actually scaling products into the roads.” Cheng Lu, TuSimple’s president and CEO, believes, “We see us becoming fully driverless in 2024.” The market growth for self-driving cars has risen immensely. Waymo’s co-CEO Tekedra Mawakana predicts, “Younger generation won’t even think about owning a car.” But with frequent self-driving crashes, these companies need to convince governments that their products are safe for the road. Watch more in this Wall Street Journal video.

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