Are CIOs Open to Embrace Technology-Led Innovation?

Innovation is as essential to the threat actors as it is to defenders. However, what could be the grim consequences of technology innovation? Is it affecting or promoting business revenue? Are you ready to take quick actions to trim down losses? Will you accept defeat and move on to get better with a lesson? In this article at ZDNet, Mark Samuels answers all your doubts about embracing digital transformation to curb financial interruptions.

Past Learnings

Organizations worldwide have adopted virtual platforms overnight to continue operations from remote locations. Indeed, 2020 posed a range of challenges for CIOs while supporting the distributed workforce. CIOs took every possible risk when they established a secure IT infrastructure or invested in automated tools to support the service management team.

According to Gartner, an agile mindset and innovation are critical for IT leaders to survive post-pandemic challenges. Enterprises that managed to embrace new developments are likely to reap the benefits soon. As a result, they can mark a strong market position once the dust settles.

Be Ready to Revive

2021 is the year to explore new horizons with constant digital transformation. So, the CIOs must prepare their company and staff to experiment with innovative technologies more often. Certainly, not all experiments prove successful. So, accept failures as a lesson to learn for a more promising future.

Post-Action Analysis

Most successful companies do it. They initiate new experiments, strategize to achieve results, accept the outcome and evaluate it. Why has it happened, and how do you avoid its occurrence? If you ask and analyze these questions, you can find enough ways to generate consistency. Sadly, according to a Boston Consulting Group research, only 30 percent of digital transformations achieve successful results.

It could be the prime reason most C-suite executives are reluctant to support technology-led innovation. They call it a risky investment. However, Harvard Business Review describes it as a move to nullify great ideas to save negligible funds.

With organizations equipped with vital IT investments, it is time for the CIOs to nurture and revive the existing technologies. To maintain cybersecurity and mitigate emerging risks, you must embrace new inventions. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/digital-transformation-this-is-why-cios-need-to-be-brave-and-keep-on-innovating/

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