Are You Doing These Things as a Project Manager?

Nobody is born a project manager. Instead, all acquire traits in the workplace that eventually align them to the job. Though each project manager has a different leadership style, there are some behaviors consistent among all managers. Wondering what they are? In this article at the Online PM Courses, Mike Clayton shares things you must do as a project manager.

Defining a Project Manager

A project manager is naturally a curious person that is diligent and organized. The majority of these leaders are extroverted, but some introverted managers also help the team grow extensively. If you are social, caring, thinking, logical, resilient, and confident, you are one of the few professionals that would shine as a project manager, per Clayton. The only criterion is that it should work for the team and the company.

Management Must-Dos

You must ensure that your team is working per the schedule. Since most of the assignments are connected or interdependent, you must know what to prioritize when.Before executing client requirements, plan how you would be doing them. For instance, split large assignments into doable fragments. Allocate the best resource for the task. Set a deadline.Risks are inherent to any project. As a project manager, you must always look out for impending risks and encourage the team to be vigilant.You should know how to handle different tasks simultaneously. Avoid having a focus hangover once you move to the next job.

Extraneous Achievements

Allocate enough time to listen to your team’s issues. Your role is to make the most out of team bandwidth by encouraging team members and removing barriers from their path.Learn to understand how a project would come to its fruition. After gathering years of experience, you would naturally develop those instincts.Your team should feel motivated by the enthusiasm you show for new opportunities. Even the problems would become a puzzle they must solve.Grit is inherent in most project managers. When team members give up, it is you that should find the solution.Observation would help manage the team better. A person can speak volumes through non-verbal gestures that you, as a project manager, should understand. For instance, if the team members understand the primary requirements, they would provide their ideas. Otherwise, they would just stay silent and follow what you suggested.You should learn how to be positive and calm when trouble is brewing. A cool head can solve any problem.Find interest in the dullest of work because your team would share your enthusiasm.

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