Are Your Digital Assets Protected from DDoS Attacks?

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are gradually becoming more vicious. They not only affect business goals but also impact the brand reputation and economic stability of an organization. The attacks strain a web server by drowning it with traffic that causes hours and days of unavoidable interruptions. In this article at IT Business Edge, Jenn Fulmer suggests ways to mitigate DDoS attacks on web-based businesses.

Bane of Automation

The threat actors often use a bot to overburden a web server with requests, causing a forced shutdown. They then threaten companies to extort money like ransomware attacks. On average, a DDoS attack may cost about $2 million to an organization. Small and medium-sized businesses may suffer almost $120,000.

Guide to Guard

To mitigate the losses of DDoS attacks, follow these guidelines and safeguard your web-based assets:

Start using a cloud-based hosting model to transfer sensitive web files on multiple servers. If one server goes down due to a DDoS attack, the other can take over and escape the downtime experience. Furthermore, cloud-based hosting also represents improved uptime to handle more traffic.DDoS attacks signify a pool of undesirable web traffic that an effective security tool can eliminate to keep servers accessible. Make sure the firewalls or routers you have installed identify the malicious attacks in the traffic.By selecting the right cybersecurity tools backed by artificial intelligence (AI), you can proactively monitor your IT network. This way, you can keep emerging threats under control, blocking access to suspicious upticks.Often, web hosting involves enterprise correspondence and a web server. By separating your email services from web hosting, you can save a significant amount of losses. If your website goes down, you may continue addressing customer concerns using emails.Develop a static website to mitigate DDoS attacks by diverting traffic to other servers if one website goes down. A static web version requires less processing power and bandwidth to ease the server’s capacity. Thus, it helps mitigate DDoS attacks and double the web pages’ loading speed.

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