Authentic Leadership: The Need is Greater Than Ever

In this fast-paced business world, a leadership role can be highly stressful. However, engaging yourself in authentic leadership will lighten the burden and helps you make more of a connection with your employees. According to a Leadership & Organization Development Journal study, employees’ perception of authentic leadership served as the strongest job satisfaction indicator. In this article at Forbes, Colleen Reilly explains how authentic leadership serves as a guiding light during crises.

Who are Authentic Leaders?

Authentic leadership has conceptual roots in positive psychology. It is defined as a style of leadership that emphasizes genuineness, transparency, and honesty in the workplace. For example:

Authentic leaders help employees find purpose at work through greater self-awareness.They build optimism and confidence in the workforce.They promote transparent relationships to build trust among team members.

Why is it Crucial Today?

Poor leadership will damage employees’ morale within the organization. Several studies have highlighted that uninspiring leaders drive low engagement, increases turnover across teams, and are 20% less productive in their roles. During times of crisis, adopting authenticity is critical. This applies to leaders, managers, and individual contributors. “Now is the time to prepare and drive change,” says Reilly. Authentic leadership is all about a humanistic approach to work and building authenticity into all levels of leadership to drive positive outcomes. It also means listening to each other while never losing sight of values—both personal and organizational.

How to be an Authentic Leader?

Strengthen Fundamental Values

All authentic leaders adhere to common values such as speaking the truth, acting ethically, and focusing on results and success.

Maintain Self-Discipline

Authentic leaders act with solid self-discipline. They emphasize essential aspects of tasks while being sensitive to the needs of others.

Lead with Heart

They are self-confident and conduct themselves in the organization with a positive, engaging attitude.

To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/colleenreilly/2021/04/28/authentic-leadership-can-be-a-guiding-light-during-tumultuous-times/?sh=6eb66b7a5939.

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