Avert Project Management Pitfalls for Better Results

Last-minute changes are the real roadblocks faced by project management teams. The ideal aid for such unforeseen hiccups is to stall them before they turn massive. In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy defines the top-most challenges of project management and how to overcome them. The route to successful project delivery is never easy. It contains roadblocks of time, scope, and budget limitations. Estimating accurate project costs for bidding is critical to achieve success.

Constant Struggles

Project managers suffer a continuous battle, juggling to achieve multiple roles, tasks, and stakeholder expectations. They are always calculating and navigating complex situations. Counteract to overcome the most common project management challenges to achieve improved results:

Right Bidding

The bidding stage determines almost 80 percent of a project’s worth. Nonetheless, about 75 percent of projects fail to achieve the correct bid. Weak bidding may turn out to be a significant revenue loss. Have an in-house system that blends project analytics, time and budget tracking, invoice, resource allocation, and accurate project cost. So, managers can bid in for profitable projects only.

Sales to Delivery

From sales to delivery team, a smooth project handoff is the key to success. However, a wrong move may turn into valuable data loss. It may sooner or later lead to a range of problems like falling behind project deadlines. To handle a smooth project handoff, you must start using tools that are effective for seamless communication.

Resource Planning

Ineffective strategy for resource allocation is one of the prime causes of project failures. Due to the remote work model, assigning the right worker to priority projects is even more difficult. It takes time to find the right skilled resources and check their availability to assign them to an ongoing or emerging project. Investing in an advanced PSA tool can save the workforce’s stress of skill, experience, and availability. It enables resource managers to monitor and form a catalog of skills to hire and retain the right candidate.

Counter other bottlenecks, including the inability to gather real-time project insights, budget planning, and governance, with an effective solution. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://projectbliss.net/project-management-roadblocks/

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