Avoid Phishing Emails with These Guidelines

Though the number of phishing emails increased manifold, organizations still lag in beefing up their email security protocols. As a result, cybercriminals can use the same malware to infect millions even the next day. So, How do you avoid that? In this article at IT Business Edge, Jen Seitz shares guidelines to prevent phishing emails from ravaging your organization.

Tips to Reduce Phishing Emails

In 2018, 1,707,223 data incidents occurred in the banking industry alone. While the business sector was hit the hardest with 22,164,590 data breaches, other sectors were not too far behind.

You receive hundreds of emails every day on your work laptop. Though you are aware of phishing emails, how do you detect them? Sadly, threat actors are devising new ways to ruin companies’ efforts to protect their staff. Here are some tips to avoid phishing emails:

Employees: The Weakest Link

You are providing proper cybersecurity training to them. You are even sending out simulated random test emails to check how alert they are. However, they still are the weakest link of your company. Never let them off guard because that can cause severe damage to your company.

Secure BYOD Devices

Companies are opening up to employees using their own devices to access the company network. However, those devices are out of the safe corporate network range. Since your IT team cannot detect any loopholes, phishing emails and malware can attack personal devices and infiltrate your network anytime.

Encourage Password Hygiene

There are too many devices and accounts to handle. So, people try to use the same password for multiple applications. That helps the threat actors to get access to any device by just getting through to one. Easy passwords like ‘qwerty’, ‘password’ also make employees vulnerable.

Mandate Multiple Authentication

It is advisable to use multi-authentication protocols to improve your organization’s email security system. Though it is frustrating to authenticate numerous times a day, it significantly reduces the chances of being hacked.

Training Is a Must

The only way you could help employees detect these phishing emails and malware is by training them as much as possible. Send them information about the latest data incidents so that they avoid such suspicious messages. To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.itbusinessedge.com/security/email-security-tips-to-prevent-phishing-and-malware/

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