Can CIOs Sync with the Emerging Technologies?

Right from the beginning of the 2020 global lockdown, chief information officers are experimenting with advanced technologies and tools. By evaluating the used cases, IT leaders can conclude whether investing in artificial intelligence or IoT tools may prove beneficial. In this article at CIO Dive, Roberto Torres defines the roadblocks to bringing together emerging technologies with the existing ones.

The Action Plan

Before investing in advanced technologies, CIOs must strategize to club current and new technologies together. Then, see if both fit together. According to CompTIA’s Emerging Technology Community group, the top three AI, 5G, and IoT technologies can produce great business outcomes. Nonetheless, reinforcing standardization is crucial for continued operations.

Informed Choices

Harmeen Mehta, chief digital and innovation officer at BT Group, suggests making hard choices before implementing the advanced technologies. For instance, try using a mix of all three emerging technologies instead of investing in one. This is suggested by two-third of KPMG executives.

David Neitz, CIO at engineering and construction company CDM Smith, believes different technologies and data streams can blend in to produce great results. For instance, instead of assigning a human resource to monitor IT systems, why not install a mix of sensors and algorithms to track down 300 screens at once?

Interconnected technologies already project a promising future for emerging IT projects. Almost one-third of technically advanced ventures are AI-operated and cloud-based. According to a KPMG report, nearly 80 percent of global organizations invest in advanced technologies to upgrade their IT infrastructure and have plans to promote those in the next 12 months.

Technology usage is no longer limited to the IT departments or remote workers. Internet of Things is controlling crops in the fields using node sensors for data management via your smartphone. CDM Smith foresees weather information like a possible landslide may affect railway track development.

Such emerging solutions can also predict the future of vegetation and may infuse robust systems in the field. Using sensors, organizations can improve their predictive capabilities to act upon possible calamity beforehand.

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