CIOs, Learn How to Prevent Employee Burnout

For many tech professionals, remote work has proved to be a bane because the boundaries between work and personal life is blurred. Studies have revealed that 81% of CIOs believe that the amount of pressure on tech professionals has increased now than five years ago. In addition to these are new external responsibilities and stresses stemming from the pandemic and extended childcare needs. How should CIOs fight burnout on the team? In this article at CIO Insights, Dennis McCafferty explains how CIOs must deal with staff stress and burnout.

Ways to Prevent Stress and Burnout

Accept that Burnout is a Problem

“61% of the employees surveyed said they are burned out in their current job, and 33% said they experience high or extremely high-stress levels at work,” says McCafferty. CIO Insights survey report indicates that 33% of those experiencing high-stress levels were dissatisfied with their job. CIOs must understand that burnout is real and take a proactive stance to root out the risks. Many CIOs believe that managers must create space for employees to develop the rapport during meetings.

Deliver Wellness Programs

CIO Insights survey reported that 79% of the IT professionals said that their companies failed to offer classes or programs to help them manage stress. To prevent employee burnout, CIOs must deliver well-being programs that can include providing recovery time between big IT rollouts, addressing unreasonable deadlines and overwork, and helping people reconnect to their sense of purpose at work.

Encourage ‘Switch Off’

According to the same survey, 31% check work email on vacation, and 18% check into work through other methods. CIOs must urge IT professionals to have a set schedule for the day—a time to start and stop. Leaders must encourage employees to turn off notifications and disconnect when they do not have anything to do.

Additionally, CIOs must check in on the employees and show a genuine interest in their goals and concerns. They must also initiate interactions that have nothing to do with work. To read the original article, click on https://www.cioinsight.com/it-management/careers/slideshows/cios-must-deal-with-staff-stress-and-burnout.html.

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