CIO’s Next Key Role is of a Culture Change Agent

An organization’s culture has a significant impact on business performance, customer experience, and talent management. In addition, there is a solid and undeniable connection between the company culture and customer service. So, how can CIOs play a vital role in enhancing organizational culture and customer experience? In this article at Information Week, Jessica Davis explains how the CIO role has expanded to be focused on business and employee culture.

Customer-Centricity Matters to IT

CIOs can implement a unified customer experience across all customer-facing channels only when the organization is dependent on the overall culture of customer-centricity. As a CIO, you can build a customer centric-culture when you achieve a positive customer experience at every stage of the journey.

The goal of customer-centric organizations is to build customer satisfaction and loyalty that further leads to improved retention rates and more referrals. Great CIOs always consider the impact that their decisions will have on their customers. “Many CIOs have taken their IT organizations beyond the cost-center role within the enterprise to a broader role that includes contributing to supporting business value,” says Davis.

CIOs can support this transition by repositioning their departments and making the customer experience a cultural mandate.

Ways to Build Customer-Centric Culture

Executing a cultural shift toward a customer-centric approach is not something that a CIO can undertake alone. Studies have revealed that 95% of CIOs strongly agree that partnering with chief marketing officers (CMOs) improves customer experience. Nearly 60% of CIOs meet their CMOs on a daily or weekly basis, and 93% believed that collaborating with CMOs promotes innovation.

Furthermore, as a CIO, you must establish new core values in your organizations’ IT departments. This will change how developers and support personnel look at products, platforms, and codes they develop.

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