CIO’s Role Evolved from IT Head to a Strategic Asset

Budding technologies and automation have made the IT industry more organized. Certainly, CIO responsibilities are also changing. To suffice digital requirements and beat emerging competitors, CIOs have started strategic initiatives in collaboration with business leaders. In this article at InformationWeek, Lisa Morgan describes the CIO role as a sharp swiss knife necessary to carve a niche in a digitally advanced ecosystem. Technology plays a substantial role in accelerating speed and operations.

A Place on the Top

CIOs worked hard to achieve recognition and a place at the executive table, next to the business leaders’ seat. By blending technology in every sphere of the business, the chief information officers proved their participation in all business discussions is critical to improving business growth.

Mary Gendron, CIO of Qualcomm wireless technology believes in staying a step ahead of her company’s other C-suite executives. It is her strategy to project future business needs and achieve them. The CIO proactively participates in resolving supply chain issues, compliance, and intellectual property rights issues. Her constant efforts made the company digitally profound and connected.

Corresponding Spots

CIOs help CEOs become agile and accelerate their actions. New-age CIOs have a growth-oriented mindset that does not support traditional operations, observes Rockwell Automation CIO Chris Nardecchia. He believes changing CIO roles can align digital innovation and facilitate implementing automation to drive agility.

CIOs are building a seamless pathway to execute strategic plans to overcome the global crisis. Their actions and forward-thinking attitude continue to provide excellent value to consumers and businesses worldwide. Apart from inventing advanced products to increase ROI, IT leaders are also exploring new business models to open unexpected sources of revenue. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/why-and-how-the-chief-information-officer-role-is-changing/a/d-id/1340488

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