CIOs, Stay Upbeat in 2021 with These Trendy Courses

Thanks to digitization, IT leaders are finally getting the due recognition they were craving for years. Furthermore, the global pandemic has doubled your responsibilities. To continue offering lucrative solutions, the chief information officers must upgrade their knowledge. In this article at InformationWeek, Mary E. Shacklett suggests some courses to comply with your emerging business requirements.

Counter Security Threats

The coronavirus epidemic has triggered not only health concerns but also cybersecurity vulnerabilities. CIOs are responsible for keeping the remote IT infrastructure guarded against the potential threat actors. Moreover, emerging IT projects involve DevOps, IoT, AI, and various advanced frameworks and technologies. To maintain consistency in the ever-evolving work culture, IT leaders must adapt to changes. Observe these hot topics to pick your next educational course:

Overview of CIO Priorities

IT research and analytics groups frequently offer CIO courses to upgrade relevant skills per the industry trends. For instance, the Gartner CIO Leadership Forum underlines a culture of customer-centricity for 2021. The topics are accelerating digital technology in a crisis, advancing the remote workforce with digital transformation, and rethinking the technology funding model. Furthermore, a range of innovative courses is available online to improve your knowledge and expertise.

Ethical Hacking

Growing cyber-attacks is a constant threat to the corporate world. To counter the emerging security attacks, CIOs must learn new techniques used by hackers. Ethical hacking courses cover topics like cybersecurity risk management, privacy, and cyber defense mechanism. Additionally, upgrade your company’s security framework by upskilling yourself on the subject.

Finance Learning

Even after acquiring enough IT industry knowledge, the CIOs need formal training on finance management to maintain their IT budget. Delve into an online finance course that integrates the prerequisites of business financials, analysis, and ratios.

Contract and Internet Laws

Since CIOs managed to get a seat among the corporate board, signing legal contracts is a significant part of their KRA. Therefore, gather adequate knowledge on the topic by taking online courses. The CIOs must also learn the legal guidelines and cases regarding internet laws.

Apart from these, emerging technology trends and team-building practices are crucial. You can easily find courses on the topics. Click on the following link to read the original article: https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/enterprise-agility/key-courses-for-cios-in-2021/a/d-id/1340913

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