Conflicts at the Workplace? 10 Quick Tips to Solve Them

Conflicts at the workplace are commonplace. You have people coming from various backgrounds with diverse principles and mindsets. Many projects even get derailed because stakeholders are at loggerheads. But, as a project manager, you want your team to move past differences and produce deliverables. In this article at the Digital Project Manager, Natalie Semczuk shares ten quick tips to solve conflicts at the workplace.

Reduce Conflicts at the Workplace

You cannot avoid conflicts at the workplace, but you can reduce the intensity and find a middle path to reach an agreement. Here are ten quick tips to solve conflicts at the workplace:

Steps to Resolution

Once you have conflicts at the workplace, do not react immediately. Pause for a second or a minute, take a deep breath to ease your tensed muscles, and think how it came to this. If it is a huge one and does not directly involve you, it is wise to wait.Whether the issue arose in an email, meeting, or call, it is best to take the following steps in a closed room. It helps everyone express opinions so that you can painlessly solve issues.Decide the communication medium. Do you think it would be best if you had a one-on-one with the individual? If it is not possible, perhaps a video call would be a better alternative.Once all collect in the venue and medium of communication is selected, start the meeting assuring all voices will be heard. Let people express themselves while you step back to become a proactive listener.Listening is vital to resolve conflicts at the workplace. People often resent that the other person in question did not listen to their concerns in the first place.When all of them have blurted out their issues, confirm each point so that you do not misunderstand any. This way, everyone will feel heard, and you can correct your thoughts right at the beginning.Use ‘I’ instead of ‘you’ to sound less accusatory. The situation has somewhat calmed down now, but it will not take much time to go back to being ugly again.It is instinctive to fill in silences, but gaps between talks are an opportunity for both parties to think through.You might have done your best, but still, some conflicts at the workplace are present. You cannot keep putting off fires everywhere. Learn to accept that you cannot solve all the issues and pass the baton to your boss.No matter what happens, end it with a follow-up email or a talk over the phone. That way, the simmering issues might die down.

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