Does Team Know About Your Team Expectations?

Most leaders fail to discuss the doubts their teams might have in every sprint. Since most team members do the tasks you have doled out, you assume they know the reason behind their doing it. The catch is, several do not speak up for fear of being ridiculed in front of all. However, without transparency, it would hurt the project in the long run. In this article at PM Student, MMeloni shares an instant to help understand why people must know about team expectations.

Experiment on Team Expectations

The Problem Scenario

A project sponsor thought the team had efficient professionals that could complete the project without much management. He had the notion that high-performers would self-manage the entire project. Mary Carol, the new project leader, shadowed Joe’s work for some days and met the whole team with him. Joe informed the professionals that the project was important for their company’s growth, and their contribution was valuable. Carol soon noticed that Joe never mentioned team expectations in the meetings. Additionally, he never set any deadlines for the project or explained the target demographics.

The Steps

Carol wanted to interview Joe in the next meeting. First, he insisted that he discussed the project with the team several times, so all should know about his team expectations by now. But, he relented after much persistence. Then, Carol asked each team member to prepare a list of questions they would want Joe to answer during the meeting. The team analyst was assigned to note down all those questions to form an initial scope statement.

Execution Day

Joe apologized for having to waste the team’s time at the start of the meeting. However, Carol asked team members to share the list of questions they had regarding the project. Then, everyone took the opportunity to ask queries.


By the end of the meeting, the analyst had enough data to create a project scope statement. As for Joe, he was in shock that team members did not know about team expectations. He asked why none asked these questions before. One of the members explained that all were certain he was talking about a future project. They never knew he was discussing a project he wanted to start now.

Though you know what you want, it is wise not to assume that your teammates would have the same knowledge. Set team expectations so that people know what you want from them before it is too late.

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