How Can Silence Improve Negotiation Results?

Considering silence as a sign of weakness, people often take a hasty decision to fill the gap with words. On the contrary, the dreadful silence in a meeting is a sign of brainstorming to make the right decision. An effective communicator assesses all facets of a proposal before accepting or rejecting it. In this article at MIT Sloan, Dylan Walsh describes silence as a powerful tool to moderate negotiation terms. It does not mean communication is unnecessary. However, it means acknowledging the need to stop talking and start listening.

Less is More

The negotiator needs to determine the substitutes by silently evaluating the terms presented to you. However, according to recent research work and studies at MIT Sloan, pausing in a business meeting can improve its outcome. This is because the individual initiating it and the other participants can see its impact.

Negotiators are not bound to reply immediately. Your silence may disrupt the flow of conversation. However, it can shift your approach to decision-making to a more reflective mindset. Thus, you can acknowledge the existing opportunities and make strategic decisions.

Pave the Way

The duration of silence is likely to herald discoveries that can strengthen the terms of negotiation. Additionally, experts believe silence is the formula to embrace a purposeful mindset and explore prospects to get more out of the present situation.

Nonetheless, in some cases, a party’s silence at the lower side of the negotiation may cause grim consequences. Instead of improved prospects, silence can make their situation vulnerable. Body language plays a holistic role in determining comfort in such cases.

Allow your colleagues to share their terms. You should carefully listen to them to gain their trust and confidence. Your silence might encourage the other party to unveil more than they intend to share. Take calculated risks and keep your options by pausing to explore more options.

Click on the following link to read the original article: https://mitsloan.mit.edu/ideas-made-to-matter/negotiation-use-silence-to-improve-outcomes-all

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